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Aloo Samosa Recipe-Easy step by step process

Aloo Samosa Recipe-Easy step by step process

You can try making Aloo samosa recipe/Street style samosa recipe easy for any birthday party, special occasion, for  specific meetings or for relatives on any festival and enjoy eating with mint(pudina)/Tamarind(Imli) chutney.Ingredients for aloo Samosa recipeFor dough making:Maida – 2 cupCarom seeds – ¼ tspSalt 

Sabudana Vada Recipe- Easy Steps with Upvas recipe

Sabudana Vada Recipe- Easy Steps with Upvas recipe

Today I’m gonna give you a traditional deep-fried snack which we often prepare at home during fasting days that is sabudana vada or sabudana cutlet. Sabudana vada recipe is very popular in Maharashtra and easy to make with some tricks.These are patties prepared out of 

North Indian Food Menu List-Top 5 Popular Food Nearby

North Indian Food Menu List-Top 5 Popular Food Nearby

What is the north Indian food menu one must know?

This article is going to give you all the mandatory answers to your questions. Visitors are willing to visit northern India. Firstly, they wish to have a look at historical monuments. Secondly, they want to have a look at the street markets for shopping for some good stuff. Thirdly, when visitors tired of moving all around, the only thing required is good food. But Indian food has a large variety to eat that’s why visitors must know the North Indian Menu List and the popular food nearby. So here is the list of authentic food that every visitor must try in Northern India.

1.North indian food  popular Near Punjab-chole kulche


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Chole and kulche forms a great combination. Here are some ingredients used in it. Kulcha is a flatbread having stuffings of potatoes, onions, paneer, cheese, coriander, green chilies, and some spices. Large Tandoor ovens use for making/baking it. It originated in the Punjab region. It is available in almost every street shop market in Northern India. Moreover, Vegetarians enjoy this combo as their breakfast. In the streets of Amritsar, every second shop counter calls for chole kulcha through its aroma.​

2. Popular non-veg food near delhi- butter chicken


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Origin: Delhi

Founders of Moti Mahal restaurant Delhi developed this authentic Butter Chicken. Kundan Lal Gujral was the person behind the invention of Butter Chicken. Tandoori chicken cooked in butter and tomato sauce. The dish garnished with cream and served with Roomali Roti. This combo is incomplete without onions and freshly made coriander sauce(also known as chutney).

3.  PoPular breakfast food Near U.P.- litti chokha



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Origin: Bihar, Eastern parts of the U.P.

 Litti-Chokha is a traditional Bihari dish. People of Bihar and Jharkhand love and can eat this Bihari delicacy anytime. Although, it is also popular in all the Eastern parts of Uttar Pradesh. History says the peasants and farmers used to eat it at breakfast. Since it is a healthy food, it is best for field workers. When the term Healthy comes, it is obvious to talk about its ingredients and method of cooking. It is a dough ball made up of whole wheat flour and stuffed with gram flour, garlic, herbs, spices and, then roasted over coal or baked. Littis dipped in pure desi ghee served with aloo baigan(eggplant) chokha is now an identity for food lovers of Bihar.

4.  Popular Cuisine near kashmir- Roghan Josh/Ghost


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Origin: Kashmir

Mughals brought this aromatic cuisine to Kashmir. It is a curried main course made with red meat(lamb or goat). The attractive color and aromatic flavor are due to Kashmiri Chilies and roots or flowers of Alkanet. The term ‘Rogan‘ means the oil that separates the curry in slow-cooking(induces more flavors). It is a signature dish of Kashmiri cuisines.

5. North indian non-veg meal near lucknow –Galouti Kebab Mughlai Paratha


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Origin: Indian Subcontinent

Mughals brought Galaouti Kebab to India for a Lucknowi Nawab who had weak teeth. These kebabs made of minced goat & green papaya served with Mughlai Paratha or Roomali Roti. It is one of the signature Awadhi cuisines. The word Galouti means something that melts in the mouth. One can find this combo in the streets of old Lucknow and enjoy the authentic taste. There is some more popular food to eat in Lucknow.

the bottom line

Spices and authentic flavor is the main attraction of north Indian food. So, you can visit these five places and find the north Indian food menu list. The mouthwatering street foods are add-ons to all the main course meals. At last try some sweet dish like Kulfi, Halwa, Shahi Tukda as well to retain the Indian flavor to your taste buds. After that take a long walk to your local residence because we want you to eat some more dish tomorrow.