Awadhi Cuisine Popular non veg food to eat in Lucknow

Awadhi Cuisine Popular non veg food to eat in Lucknow

We will begin our Awadhi Cuisine journey in the local Lucknowi style. During royal times feasts and banquets were a prevalent thing. People were always looking for excuses to throw such feasts. So when the Mughlai cuisine arrived in Awadh, it had three basic fundamentals.

First, it should be delicious.

Second, aromatic.

And the third fundamental aspect was it should be rich. And it should provide vitality and energy but should not upset the tummy.

When we talk about Awadhi Cuisine, one must know when the Mughlai cuisine came to Awadh. So the Nawabin-E-Awadh, Shahan-E-Awadh, Beghmate-Awadh, the royal cooks and the gourmet cooks they all made an effort and decided that there should be more options beyond this. So they came up with pairs as to what should be eaten with what , so that the experience doubles and the taste is also optimized.

1. nihari kulcha- raheem


Nihari was already there in Delhi, Lucknow invented the Kulcha The kulchas in Lucknow are different from its counterparts in other places. So there came to exist a combination of Nihari and Kulcha. We have arrived at Makbari gate to taste Rahim’s famous Nihari. It is also called the Khameer Naan.

2.mutton biryani- Idrish biryani


You might be thinking what is the characteristics of a traditional Lucknowi biryani. The Yakhni or the gravy that is prepared is properly cooked. And when it is ready, cardamom, mace, milk etc. are added to it. Then the rice that is cooked separately is added to it. The rice is three fourth done. Its added to the Yakhni and then the whole thing is set for the Dum.

3. galawati kebabs- tunday kababi


When you talk about awadhi cuisine, then the one dish that immediately comes to your mind is the Tundey Kababi.Here we get the famous Galawati kebab, that we will try with the Sheermal. Whoever comes must be asking whether the Aminabad branch and the Akbri gate branch are the same establishment. All are the same. 

Haji Murad Ali sir used to sit here. He started making the Kebabs from this place itself. The term Galawat in Gaawati Kebab means ‘melt in mouth’. These kebabs are so soft that as you put them in the mouth, they just melt away. Traditionally it is eaten with the Sheermal. But you can also have it with the ‘Ulte tawa ka paratha’ which is also known as Mughlai paratha.

During the rule of Nasir-ud-Din Haider Badshah, there was this bread maker named Mamdu. He invented the Sheermal. In the word Sheermal, ‘Sheer’ refers to milk and ‘mal’ refers to the stuff that is being made. 

4.lucknowi paan


Now,  taste Azhar Bhai’s Paan, the pride of Lucknow. Look at their interesting menu. 

  • Wajd Ali Shah Gilori Paan
  • Hajme(digestive) ka Paan
  • Khatta Meetha(sweet and sour)Paan
  • Munh Ke Chalo Ka Paan(Paan for healing mouth ulcer)
  • Amle ka Paan(Indian Gooseberry Paan)
  • Seene mein Jakdan ka Paan(Paan for chest congestion)
  • Sahi Gilori Kamar ke Dard Ka Paan(Paan for waist pain)

So it seems like a medicine shop and not a paan shop. See Paan is a tradition. It started with Tamul or betel leaf. In Awadh the passion surrounding the Paan is a Fine Art. So eating a Paan is merely not just an exercise, it is a passion that is pursued and nurtured. You have to greet after eating Paan. Very nice. It is the wonder of the herbs. 

5. daulat ki chaat


You may get confused by the name but it is actually a sweet dish. It is made up of milk cream mixed with safron and dry fruits. It is so creamy that it melts as soon as it goes to your mouth. It takes 8-10 hours to get ready as milk cream is left overnight under moonlight.

the bottom line

Awadhi Cuisine forms the essence of Lucknawi food. The taste. aromatic flavour bound you in the streets of nawab city Lucknow. From starters to sweet dish ,everything has its unique texture. Anyone visiting Northern India must try these cuisines. 

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